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Sophie is a contemporary painter whose love of nature and architecture is expressed on her canvases. Born and raised in Haliburton Ontario her interest in art began at a young age thanks to an encouraging family and artistic community. She remains in Haliburton where she feels her most creative and spends her days painting with her dog Escher at her side.

She focuses primarily on high detailed cityscapes and unique thread paintings which break down landscapes into their simplest line and form and embraces a more minimal approach. Although there are many styles to her art, Sophie's aim is to create art that incorporate the small details found in our bustling world and capture intimate details that most might overlook at first glance. She began exhibiting her work in January 2017.

Right now art is all about experimenting with new mediums, enjoying the environment around her, and capturing it in any style the canvas sees fit. 

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Haliburton Studio Tour, Haliburton                                                                                 2019

Haliburton Art and Craft Festival, Haliburton                                                               2019  

One of a Kind Show, Toronto                                                                                            2019

Artist Project Toronto,  Toronto                                                                                       2019

Haliburton Studio Tour, Haliburton                                                                                 2018

Haliburton Art and Craft Festival, Haliburton                                                               2018

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Nathan Philips Square                                                        2018

Making It, Rails End Gallery, Haliburton                                                                         2018

Emerging Artist Show, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto                                                   2018

Artist Project Toronto, Untapped Artist, Toronto                                                         2018

Abstract Show, Art Square Gallery, Toronto                                                                  2018

ArtHouse Cafe Winter Exhibit, Ottawa                                                                          2017

Kawartha Art Gallery Annual Juried Show, Lindsay                                                       2017

ArtHouse Cafe Summer Exhibit, Ottawa                                                                       2017

The Painting Show, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto                                                           2017

Winter Folk Society, Haliburton                                                                                       2017

Views Part I, Baked and Battered, Haliburton                                                               2017

Oh Canada, Rails End Gallery                                                                                          2017

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