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Cities are a great representation of human presence on earth. There are buildings as far as the eye can see, but walking along the street day after day we become so accustomed to what we have created that we no longer see the impact. This work explores the relationship between humans architectural feats and their expansive impression on earth.

Personally I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and this series allows me to explore that interest in unique way, with each painting being both a personal and physical journey. Being from a small town that is surrounded by nature, I find myself able to see a city and human impact with a fresh eye. When I visit a city the energy and bustle is a drastic shift and I pick up a city’s unique spirit. Then when painting I immerse myself and study it’s make-up over weeks of work. Whether it’s the young sleek glass condos of Vancouver, the Art Deco styles found in Chicago, or the older Baroque work in Paris, each place has its own subtleties and history, which is captured in the artwork. I explore humans timeline as creators and builders across the world.

At first glance it may seem like concrete buildings but there is truly so much more. Every window, line, car, has been respected, noting the complexity of a city and what creates it. This process isn’t simply recreating a photograph, but how a city feels to paint, how the buildings compliment one another and work in harmony to create a well composed metropolis. It’s often only when the passive viewer looks closely that they realize there are fine brushstrokes and see the intricacies of the painting. Intended to be similar to how the intricacies of a city become overlooked, until you slow down. These works draw the viewer in, often sparking a personal memory or familiarity. But on a larger scale, the city snapshot sparks a dialogue of just how expansive and intricate the human presence is.


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